Komey Tetteh’s Achievements as a Hedge Fund Manager

Even though the global financial markets have their ups and downs, the finance industry remains one of the strongest and most influential sectors out there. The financial market can affect a range of other industries, and more talented people have been making their way into this sector. Altogether, the future of the financial space looks to be even more promising now than ever. Hedge fund manager Komey Tetteh is one of the talented contributors to this industry who’s slowly making his way up to the top. 

Komey became interested in the financial market while at university, and his success prompted him to look into hedge funds. After gaining valuable experience working in the financial sector, Komey finally entered the industry as a freelance hedge fund trader. 

Since his debut as a hedge fund manager, Komey’s most recent venture has been the Institutional Trader Gap Project. In this project, Komey allows people to communicate directly with the financial markets and leaves out any middlemen, all thanks to bridge technology. Komey’s efforts have allowed the project to successfully build itself over the years and give professional traders direct liquidity terminals. This direct access to the market was previously only a luxury for the wealthy. 

In 2010, Komey started to invest in the stock market, and due to his multi-year successful track record, he’s built an impressive portfolio. The portfolios that Komey manages have grown into multi-million-dollar valuations. Komey’s other projects and investments have been success stories as well. 

As a freelancer, Komey is no longer attached to any group or company and can provide services for whoever, whenever. He provides trading services for hedge funds with more than $100 million in capital under management. 

Komey has regulated trading products under the supervision of some of the top global jurisdictions and regulated ASIC (Australia regs) and FCA (UK regulations) funds. These have become one of the primary funds they offer. Komey has recently purchased real estate in Dubai, where he aims to expand his business further. 

For those looking to have their portfolios reviewed, Komey offers his bespoke alpha offering through which anyone can have access to these services. Apart from reviewing your portfolio, Komey also adds value and points of improvement by adding his own strategies and ideas from his portfolios. 

Komey currently has over 10.7K Instagram followers, and this number continues to grow. Pictures of his work and personal life inspire his followers every day. 

When asked about challenges in life, Komey says, “When I was at university and in-between jobs, I was made homeless. Fortunately, I had a student bus pass and used the bus as a home while I looked for jobs and hostels to keep a roof over my head.” Even after going through all this, Komey managed to get a job and complete his degree. 

Komey says that 90% of our lives are how we respond to situations, and we need to take control of it. When talking about the future, Komey looks forward to pushing his work beyond what it is now, and he wants to manage more than $500 million across all hedge funds and deals he’s working with. 

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