Matthew Meehan and Luigi Rosabianca Help Small Business Owners Secure Capital and Tax Credits

The post-pandemic business landscape presents some unprecedented challenges. These challenges are particularly felt by struggling small business owners with little or no access to resources, who have to figure things out on their own. While large corporations have the resources to pursue tax credits and government programs to aid in their recovery, the little guys don’t have the advantage of an advisory board to do the heavy lifting. At least, that was the case until Matthew Meehan and Luigi launched The Liquid Lunch Project Podcast, an extension of their company, Shield Advisory Group, to help reach more struggling business owners.

Matthew and Luigi are visionaries and experts with wide-ranging expertise. A highly-qualified financial expert, Matthew spent over two decades on Wall Street and is now using that experience to help small and medium-sized businesses obtain the capital they need. Luigi (nicknamed “The Professor”) has a diverse educational background in architecture, law, and political science and is a strategy expert who helps analyze a business’s strengths and weaknesses and offers actionable solutions. 

Shield Advisory Group is a full-service consulting firm specializing in helping SMEs obtain access to credit and capital. Matthew and Luigi note that many small business owners are too overwhelmed by daily operations and may not know how to maximize growth. In most cases, these entrepreneurs will wear multiple hats like CEO, head of marketing, product development, sales, etc. Shield Advisory Group has a whole team that can assist business owners with everything from funding, accounting, payroll services, consulting, acquisitions, and more. The advisors take a personalized approach to provide the support, resources, and tools small businesses need to scale for success. 

The Liquid Lunch Project Podcast is an arm of Shield Advisory Group and is just one more way SAG is helping small businesses succeed in America. Each week, the team speaks with industry leaders, big thinkers, visionaries, authors, and CEOs who offer listeners valuable insight and advice. In many ways, the Liquid Lunch Project Podcast is a masterclass in entrepreneurship for business owners trying to figure out their way in the business world. This top-rated podcast has built a solid community of like-minded investors and entrepreneurs brought together by their mutual desire to thrive in these challenging times.

These interactions have successfully elevated the lives of small and medium-sized business owners who tune into the podcast and implement the knowledge they gain. Shield Advisory Group helped 1,500 customers receive over 1 billion dollars in capital and tax credits to date. As an extension of the Liquid Lunch Project Podcast, the SAG team recently launched a Friday morning newsletter, The Weekly. This is another free resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs that covers everything from tech, finance, small business, and more. 

The SAG founders explain that the newsletter is one of the many products they plan to roll out for their customers in the coming days. Shield Advisory Group’s mission is to help more small business owners grow and scale their operations further in the future. They aim to help at least 100,000 small business owners reach their dreams in the next 5 years.

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