NY-Raised Builds 6-Figure Real Estate Company 3,000 Miles Away

Real estate has been one of the safest investment channels globally for more than one reason. Besides a low volatility rate, real estate is about tangible assets that will never go out of demand. People relocate to different places and will always dream of owning a home. This is why real estate has been consistently growing as a market for entrepreneurs and investors alike. However, for beginners, this industry can be truly challenging as it is about making the right assessment based on knowledge and experience. This is where Marcos Solis Rivera, founder and owner of Rocket Home Solutions, is helping budding wholesalers achieve their financial goals. 

Marcos Solis Rivera migrated to the US when he was 9 and spoke no English. He was raised in New York, a city known for its booming real estate industry. Growing up, Marcos never achieved good grades in school but was naturally interested in business. This eventually fueled his passion when he discovered the potential of the real estate industry. With just a laptop and a small list of leads to call for property closure, Marcos launched his own real estate company, Rocket Home Solutions, from a one-bedroom apartment in Washington. 

During his initial years in business, Marcos went door-to-door to scale up Rocket Home Solutions, which is how he and his team got their first 20K customers. Today, Rocket Home Solutions is a reputed real estate wholesaling company that specializes in finding distressed off-market properties and selling them to investors. As the CEO of Rocket Home Solutions, Marcos spearheaded the entire operation to make it a multi-million dollar firm. During the pandemic when giant businesses collapsed due to the economic downturn, Rocket Home Solutions not only survived but managed to earn over a million in revenue. 

More than profit, Rocket Home Solutions prioritizes customer relationships. Marcos helped many new house flippers make millions by finding them low-investment properties and then fixing and flipping those properties to generate returns. That’s how Marcos has guided budding investors to venture safely into real estate and achieve financial stability. He is also the first to introduce “Novation Contracts” to the Seattle real estate scene. This contract policy helped homeowners get a net price for their home and also find an on-market buyer willing to pay more than a regular investor. 

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Marcos focused on self-development while building a strong team to create a solid foundation for the business. He devoted undivided attention to scaling up Rocket Home Solutions to be one of the biggest wholesaling companies in Washington. The initiative to bring Novation Contracts to real estate was a significant move that escalated the company’s growth to a whole new level. Now, Marcos wants to expand his business to different markets across the US while introducing Novation Contracts to help people get the best price for their assets. 

Marcos plans to launch a marketing company that will be completely dedicated to helping wholesalers grow their businesses. Finding a reliable marketing platform in this niche is still a challenge and Marcos is looking forward to bridging the gap with a fraction of the cost that investors bear today. He also wants to share his knowledge and experience to help them get started in real estate by launching “Level Up Academy”, a mentorship program that will help aspiring investors get an insight into this industry. 

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