From Drug Addiction to Obsession with Human Evolution: Neal Thakkar’s Moving Story

Almost everyone is prone to hitting obstacles in life, the moments that tend to either make or break someone. In most cases, many people get carried away by situations and end up sabotaging their future. However, a few manage to turn their stories around and become successful. 

The inspiring story of Neal N Thakkar is not exceptional. After becoming an addict, he found himself at rock bottom but managed to rise and succeed in life. Today, Neal is a serial entrepreneur and biohacker, creator of QUANTUMiND Nootropic.

Neal has always been obsessed with transformation and optimized human performance, but unfortunately became addicted to drugs after an injury that ended his college soccer career. Neal almost died from a Xanax and Adderall overdose and was sent to a rehabilitation center. His stint there offered a life-altering insight for Neal, and he resolved to transform his mind, body, and brain through bodybuilding, meditation, personal training, and biohacking. 

Soon after rehab, Neal partnered with Mark Vinch and established an enterprise dealing with human transformation, Evolvere. The product aims to help people transform what he considers the three major human systems: the brain, body, and mind. He runs the company as CEO, whereas Mark is COO. Many people usually group the brain and mind as single entities, but Evolvere enlightens you on the difference. Neal mentions, “No matter how much you focus on your mindset, if your brain is unhealthy, then you won’t get so far.”

Evolvere has been operational for about four years. It has provided people with fitness coaching services, dietary supplements, and functional foods. The brand’s first product was a supplement called QUANTUMiND, which became a top seller on Amazon. The brand also released its second product, Catalyst Nootropic Coffee (a functional coffee that helps people focus and burn fat), on August 1, 2021.

Neal battled with psychiatric medications, prompting him to come up with a mission to help create safer alternatives to psychiatric meds. According to him, the pharmaceutical

industry failed him, thus the decision to take matters into his own hands. He started Genesis Nootropics, a firm that provides individual nootropic ingredients and consulting services for brain health and performance. 

Neal’s brands principally focus on assisting health-conscious high achievers, biohackers, businesspersons, and people who want to become the best version of themselves in all aspects of life. He served countless people from all walks of life to promote a growth mentality, ownership of their health, and guarantee the pursuit of self-mastery.

Neal continues to dedicate his life to helping more people overcome their worst addictions, physical fitness struggles, and mental health issues. He hopes to empower them to turn the rock bottom moments into their most inspiring and

life-altering experiences. Neal endorses his activism for brain health and seeks to coach people about its significance and help them take control of their lives and claim ownership of their evolution. With no plans to slow down, he is focused on pushing his companies to become among the top-performing businesses in the world. 

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