Bringing about many positive changes in the lives of thousands and changing their perspective towards life is Adele Tevlin.

Adele Tevlin is working significantly to change people’s lives astronomically and help them to explore widely with her skills, knowledge, and efficiency. Having 16 plus years of experience as a cognitive-behavioral therapist, she has successfully changed lives in a massive way. She has designed a four-week course which works wonders for her clients and builds confidence to achieve what they dream of! The C.E.O Blueprint has proved to be an effective program that transforms thousands of lives worldwide.  Adele has worked with countless clients from business owners to top companies which include – TD Bank, CIBC, Credit Suisse, Goodmans LLP, Shimmerman Penn, Blakes LLP, and Crowe Soberman LLP.

What makes Adele unique is her confidence in living her dreams. She was supposed to join dental school and take over her mother’s practice, but this was not the desired destination she had in mind. She always wanted to grow other people’s lives impactfully, which she did with her 16 plus  years of experience and expertise as a therapist and as the founder of C.E.O of Blueprint. Her journey was not an easy walk in the park. She struggled a lot in her initial days. She never lost hope and kept on working towards her goal. After the closing of her physical office space, and the challenges the world would face shortly after, her skill-full mind made the wise decision of shifting to the online space and her business grew tremendously within one year, with more than 7-figures. This enhanced her passion towards her work which also sets a perfect example for her clients too. 

Today Adele has changed the lives of thousands of people and has helped them to gain the success that can fill positivity in their lives. Adele is well-known globally for her incredible work and expertise to bring out the best.

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