Meet Chloe Panta, the Mindset Coach Helping Others Rewire Their Thinking

Chloe Panta is a renowned mindset coach, author, and transformational life coach helping others tap into their magic. She is also a certified Hypnotherapist and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner with years of experience in the industry. She spent the last decade helping women, men, and teens push past fears, self-doubt, and blocks to living lives full of joy, transformation, and abundance. A master of her craft, Chloe allows her clients to rewire their way of thinking that transforms them into the people they’ve always wanted to be, thanks to her holistic approach to therapy and coaching. She also leverages her scientific research and mindset techniques to reach and speak to others to identify their purpose.

After years of studying and working with clients to help them create their dream lives, Chloe realized that she genuinely enjoys helping other people grow and succeed. Her life’s purpose is to help people tap into their magic, which she refers to as the subconscious mind, to create the life they’ve only ever dreamed of. She guides her clients and coach and teaches them that whatever they want in this world is possible. Not even the sky’s the limit, and working with Chloe helps clients push beyond barriers that keep them stuck and living unhappy, unfulfilling lives. 

An industry leader, Chloe has been recognized and awarded for her positive impact, gaining a spot among the few award-winning life coaches and healers. However, creating a successful career path as a mentor and coach was challenging. She faced numerous challenges and hardships. “Some of the biggest challenges I faced in my life have been overcoming obstacles and persevering, even when I couldn’t “see” the work I was doing. At the beginning of my business, I wasn’t very good at marketing,” she says.

Chloe is also a strong believer in the power of affirmations and creating her world by utilizing their power. Words are just as powerful as thoughts, and she works hard to ensure that she uses her words wisely and with love and care. “My wisdom would be for others to do the same and see just how much their lives change,” she adds.

According to Chloe, you must remove blocks that keep you stuck to create a life you love, whether you are already on your spiritual path or brand new to manifestation. She recommends that you first believe that the life you want is possible for you. Some people don’t believe what can be theirs, which is the first mistake. Believe that you deserve your dream life and watch synchronicities line up for you. With energy follows thought, and with thought follows action. These simple steps can transform your life into one full of abundance.

In the coming years, Chloe envisions continuing to write, mentor, and coach people. She dreams and aspires to work with top personalities such as Oprah and Marie Forleo, two inspirational women who inspired her to cultivate her life into what it is today. “I also aspire to see the world happy. Because when we’re all happy and at peace, the world is a much better place to live in,” Chloe concludes.

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