FIT FCK Release

Dating Brand for Gym-enthusiasts, FIT FCK, Enters Online Content-Creator World  

FITFCK, a dating brand for gym-enthusiasts, goes from strength to  strength (pun intended) as they announce their entry into the online content-creator world. The  fitness dating brand connects like minded gym lovers through IRL fitness dating events – and their  soon to be released IOS and android compatible dating app. 

The company is entering the online content-creator space primed for success as gaming  YouTubers Sam Harry (“Chaotic”) and Martin Wood (“SXVXN”) have both invested in the company.  This announcement comes just weeks after OnlyFans founder, Tim Stokely, invested in the  company at a valuation in excess of £3m. A formidable line-up to support Founder, Jamie Wykes Hobday in his mission to build an omni-channel community for dating, relationships, casual meets  and friendships.  

Wood added: “I am really excited to play a part so early on in the growth of a branded platform with  unlimited social boundaries and possibilities. Having personally found success on social media, I  realise the value FITFCK can bring to the table.” 

The two gaming creators turned investors boast a combined following of over 3 million subscribers  and have received over 1 billion views across the video sharing platform, YouTube. Harry and Wood will support FITFCK as they enter into the online video space and add content creation to their already successful portfolio. FITFCK’s YouTube channel launched in November  and will soon boast content relating to Dating, Training and their journey as a fitness start up brand. 

“YouTube is an extremely powerful way to build communities online. With Sam and Martin’s  guidance, I’m confident – not to mention extremely excited – that we will continue to build the  FITFCK brand’s online presence.” says Wykes-Hobday, 

“We’re excited for what the future holds for our brand. We’ll continue to establish extremely strong,  user-focused experiences for our community and being able to expand with such great minds  influencing our strategic decisions will set us up to ‘win’ content-creation!” 

Since Stokley’s investment in October, the Company held their largest event to date on 26th  November. In traditional FITFCK style, the event which took place at Chelsea Lodge, succeeded a  fitness singles workout class at 1Rebel, Holborn. The event’s first ticket release sold out in less  than 24 hours, following its launch across the brand’s social channels.  

In what appeared to be a busy month for the FITFCK brand, founder Jamie, also announced the  upcoming launch of FITFCK’s dating app. The announcement was made in their first ever YouTube  video. In the same video, he highlighted that ‘community is key’ and that ‘that’s what is going to  drive the business into the stratosphere!’. With the fitness industry valued over $87 billion and  expected to grow by 172% by 2028; we can all agree that they are onto something there.  

Content creator and investor, Sam Harry commented: “Moving FITFCK towards becoming an  omni-channel digital brand is a no brainer in today’s society. I’m elated to be joining Jamie to  support the build of a diversified online product suite. Who knows, we could even head towards an  intersection of gaming and fitness – the future looks very exciting.” 

Harry and Wood have also been joined by Ternion Capital’s Managing Director Edward Stubbings  and Online business mentor James Vogle, who have both joined the company at a very exciting  time.

Vogle adds “Community based projects are always attractive and when you combine the ever growing fitness industry and romance, it’s a win. I have believed in this brand from the very start so  I am super excited to see it at the stage it is currently at” 

With a huge shift in consumer behaviour resulting from the global pandemic, the company is taking  the right steps to capitalise on their plans to enter the online space. FITFCK is primed to operate in  a broader fitness market in today’s influencer-driven creator economy.  

The business, which has no known competitors, will be launching the first version of their dating  app soon with a commitment to deliver monthly product updates to enhance the user experience  throughout 2023. 


FITFCK is a fitness dating brand designed to connect like minded gym lovers through IRL fitness  dating events and our soon to be released fitness dating app. Born out of heartbreak, after founder  Jamie Wykes-Hobday was dumped weeks before competing in a bodybuilding show, FITFCK  (Pron: “fit-eff-see-kay”) has quickly becoming the place for UK based fitness lovers who are looking  to share their lifestyle choices with someone whether it be dating, relationships or casual. 

Contact Name: Jamie Wykes-Hobday 


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