How Karen Hite Balances Building An INC 5000 Agency And Motherhood

In the progressive business ecosystem, many corporate leaders and business experts are endorsing a new method to improve an organization’s bottom line: placing women in control. This method surpasses all growth hacks that have been utilized throughout the years.

Learn To Say No

Being a mother in advertising and digital media necessitates juggling the demands of clients and family life. Whether it involves pumping breast milk during a client call or understanding when to rely on others and set boundaries, being a successful mother in advertising requires much juggling and self-assurance. Karen Hite, a lady who strives to encourage, assist, and promote women in their advertising careers, and her husband, JC Hite, have achieved a fantastic performance in the digital agency field while maintaining a positive attitude toward their children.


Karen has learned to value simple things, such as excelling at home and work and controlling her life and schedule. Otherwise, she would not have reached this point. However, she needed to relinquish control and learn to accept it. This required saying “no” to numerous requests. Now that she has a second child, she recognizes how quickly children develop, so she no longer feels bad when she needs to take pauses to complete household chores.

Moreover, she could then log in and do the work remotely. She only regrets that her time with her children passes too quickly, so she constantly gives them her undivided affection. She would never want to lament a lost opportunity.

Asks For Help

Notably, she has learned to ask for and provide assistance, especially to coworkers who also manage maternal responsibilities. It takes a community to raise a child. Hite Digital developed a daycare within the institution so parents and children can receive vital support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You cannot do everything by yourself all the time.

Stepped Into Her Power

Karen Hite knows her position; she is a co-founder, executive, achiever, and perhaps an overachiever. There is a reason she is in a position of leadership. She is an achiever because she has a supportive husband and a community that recognizes and cooperates with her business function. She never has to choose between her career and her children because the two are compatible. To the point that nothing feels like a bother. This is her existence in a nutshell.

Restorative Support

She recognizes the challenges that other women who aren’t as fortunate as she is to have a community may have; they may be paralyzed with guilt that they aren’t giving their careers or children the time and attention they deserve. They may sometimes spiral into a feeling of inadequacy in both areas. In addition, with desperately few women in executive and leadership roles in technology and advertising organizations, it implies that there are few individuals on whom they can rely or who have empathy for their suffering, which makes it difficult.

Karen has not necessarily been immune to such feelings, but with the assistance of a competent psychologist, she appears to be able to manage them very well. If you have the resources, consider getting such support.

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