C&C Wellness: Healing Chronic Diseases Through Dentistry

The human body is an amazing thing. Full of different organs and cells that all have specific functions, the body is built in such a way that normal functioning processes can happen without us even thinking about it. New discoveries about how the body works in the minute details are discovered more and more every year, and it is exciting to learn the untapped potential that our bodies have. Dr. Cody of C&C Dental has seen a glimpse of the human body’s potential, and she is taking on a new approach to self-healing – your body does all the work!

Dentistry and PRP

Dr. Cody has been a dentist for over 30 years, and throughout her time she has mastered the practice of healing with Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. A necessary component of properly inserting dental implants, PRP has been used in dental procedures for thirty years. Due to the rich healing properties that PRP offers, patients see a faster healing rate and less pain during recovery as opposed to patients that only use sedatives and painkillers. Although it has been used in dental situations for years, Dr. Cody started to explore if it could be incorporated into other pain-reducing applications for the body. “My first time using PRP outside of the dental office was when my hair stylist told me she was struggling with trigger fingers.”  After hearing the news, Dr. Cody brought her to the office to try the PRP treatment. The trigger fingers were healed after just one treatment.

Healing the World

After realizing this amazing discovery, Dr. Cody felt obligated to share this amazing self-healing method with the world. Through her new company, C&C Wellness, she is dedicated to providing an effective treatment for chronic pain, injuries, as well as those seeking esthetic treatments for an affordable price. “I want to share this gift with others. Our bodies have everything we need to heal. It’s incredible.”  In her research, Dr. Cody has discovered that PRP Treatment works almost 100% of the time and its applications have yet to be fully discovered. Armed with her newfound knowledge of the body’s pain fighting potential, Dr. Cody is looking to heal the world one patient at a time. With the newfound knowledge of the body’s pain fighting potential, Dr. Cody is determined to share her gift with the world. 

More Than Physical Healing

Although she is fully committed to helping others unlock the natural pain fighting and healing ability of their body, Dr. Cody is looking to make additional discoveries about the body’s ability. “My personal goals are learning and researching biochemical pathways for health and causes of diseases.’ Through this study, she looks to find more applications for PRP to heal the body. In addition to running C&C Dentistry and C&C Wellness, Dr. Cody is dedicated to raising awareness for PRP Treatment and the bodies’ amazing self-healing ability. She also released a book titled “You Healing You,” in an effort to share her story and raise more awareness for PRP treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Cody and her work with PRP Treatment, you can visit her website.

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