Hairdressing Expert Nery Monay Invents the First Hair NANO-PROTEIN / COLLAGEN That Works With Cryotherapy

For decades, hair has been considered a focal point of a woman’s beauty. Women often see it as a reflection of their identity and self-esteem. Every woman wants lustrous, healthy hair, and Nery Monay has been working to ensure they achieve this.

Nery is the founder and CEO of Monay Professional. She is a renowned leader in the world of hairdressing. She was born and raised in Paris and had a passion for the hair industry since she was young. To achieve her dreams, Nery set out to empower herself in the hair industry through education and earned a certificate in hairdressing from one of the most prestigious schools in Paris.

As a hair expert, Nery takes pride in over 11 years of experience in the hair industry. She assembled a team of professionals who work together to ensure they produce only the best hair products. Furthermore, her unique products reflect her eye for perfection, and she is aiming to make a mark in the hair industry.  

Nery is the pioneer in hair cryotherapy, a revolutionary treatment that repairs damaged and fragile hair. Cryotherapy works with extremely low temperatures and acts on the hair strands from the inside out, correcting and replenishing the damaged fibers. It stands out as the first in the world to combine cryotherapy, nano protein, and collagen, thus achieving uniqueness in the industry. The treatment fits every hair type and is friendly for adults and kids.

Additionally, the procedure will help you attain straight, shiny, silky, and controllable frizz-free hair for months, depending on hair type, without damaging or inhaling toxic fumes. The system and products help strengthen the hair shaft and improve the overall health and appearance of the hair. They also help add volume, luster, and body to the hair, repair damage, and reduce split ends. 

Nery’s hair products also have an essential ingredient known as “cryo ice”. Cryo ice speeds up the transfer of the unique treatments into the hair, but most importantly, it increases the hair’s absorption potential and allows hair strands to capture higher levels of nutrients to ensure the hydration process. 

The cryotherapy ice-iron machine acts on the cuticles, pushing the treatment deeper into the strand and creating long-lasting rejuvenation on your hair. Nery explains that there are often fears of capillary degradation when hair treatments are used, but with cryotherapy, these fears are dispelled because their revolutionary hair system ensures no capillary degradation, leaving hair healthy.

Developing a unique product in the hair industry is challenging. “It took 18 months of extensive research and trial and error to formulate this one-of-a-kind nano protein and collagen for the hair,” Nery says. However, for a determined Nery, dedication and constant hard work have seen her achieve the dream of her brand being the first and only to use cryotherapy treatment. Additionally, Nery has managed to rise to the top echelon of the beauty industry.

Women want to feel beautiful, and their hair is a significant factor in making them feel beautiful. Nery envisions every hair salon around the world using her system and products. She aspires to make every woman feel beautiful and confident by ensuring her products are available in your neighborhood. Currently, Nery is working on ensuring her aftercare range is sold at major beauty outlets like Sephora and Mecca.

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