Meet Louis Balletta: Actor, Writer, Model, and Fitness Expert 

There is a saying “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Louis Balletta is one of those lucky humans who experienced the joy of unconditional love that only animals can give. He is an actor, model, and fitness enthusiast, but first, he is a father to Foxy, a Pomeranian. It has been a couple of months since Foxy passed away, leaving a painful void in Balletta’s heart. Living with Foxy by his side was a unique experience for Balletta as he learned so many things from her. Similarly, her death also taught him a valuable lesson, and now Balletta is spreading this knowledge and helping pet families take care of their ailing furry friends with Foxy’s Heart

Foxy’s Heart is a fundraising initiative by Balletta to help families pay for incredibly expensive vet treatments for their pets. He experienced the same when Foxy developed special needs during the last few weeks of her life. Balletta provided her as much love and care as he could to make her last moments memorable for both of them, which is nothing compared to the love Foxy gave him throughout her life. Balletta believes Foxy had a heart of gold, which is why he named the fundraiser, Foxy’s Heart. 

On the professional side, Balletta is a recognized actor working in digital streaming media and also on national TV. He started his career as a personal trainer to pursue his passion for fitness. He pivoted to physical therapy before chasing his love for acting and writing. Balletta hosted an NBA podcast and now writes for professional sports organizations. He also works as a freelance writer for a couple of online magazines. Balletta has a solid acting career that spans over a decade. It started with acting for free in student films until he got his first big break in an episode of Gotham on Fox. He also went to acting schools to hone his craft in theater, films, and TV series. 

To become a member of the SAG, which is the ultimate union for actors, Balletta created and produced a short film and persuaded some of his friends to act in it. Now he is working on the famous sitcom, Sex and the City, reboot on HBO Max, And Just Like That. He has been on ABC’s Blacklist, and some of the films he has acted in were featured in world-renowned film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival and SXSW. Currently, a national TV commercial for EEZEE Choice featuring Balletta is airing on three different channels. 

Balletta was selected as the famed coach in Susan Batson’s acting masterclass. He used to work for La Calle TV. Louis is currently working as a sports journalist now writing and covering the NBA, MLB, & NFL. Balletta has plans to climb higher in his career, acting, writing, and modeling at bigger platforms. However, he is always grateful for the love and kindness that Foxy showed him and believes her soul is still the guiding power for him. With this positive approach, Balletta wants to continue his mission of helping pet families take good care of their pets through Foxy’s Heart.  

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