The Brightside With Max Stoton: A Must-Listen Podcast for Digital Creators

The digital creator space is a highly competitive and constantly evolving industry, with newcomers often facing a difficult road to success. From financial struggles to dealing with algorithm changes on social media platforms, the path to becoming a successful digital creator is tough. However, one digital creator has beaten the odds and significantly impacted this space. With his unique approach, talent, and determination, Max Stoton, AKA MaxTCB of TheCanadianBoys, has made a name for himself as a producer, influencer, and feature filmmaker to watch.

From his meteoric rise as a social media manager and podcaster, Max has a story to tell and lessons to share with those looking to make their mark in the digital creator space. As a creator, he has achieved a variety of notable career highlights, including his viral videos featured on large online platforms, receiving recognition and reposts from celebrities such as Chanel West Coast and Ricegum, and being invited on podcasts to talk about his journey. He’s also been a VIP at various red-carpet events in Hollywood, New York, and Toronto, solidifying his position as a digital creator to watch.

But Max’s journey was challenging. Constant removal of his content from social media websites for no apparent reason is one major setback he faced. However, he did not let this discourage him. Instead, he used his connections at these companies and through his network to build relationships with the platforms, allowing him to comfortably post with freedom today. Financial difficulties were another challenge. To become an online personality, Max worked hard and sacrificed a lot of his income to get to where he is today, and he is still not done.

Overcoming these challenges equipped Max with skills and wisdom he continues to share with others. A firm believer in hard work, his advice is simple: “You can do just about anything if you have the right drive and determination for it. You can’t listen to pessimistic people; you have to surround yourself with people who promote what you’re doing and want you to win.” He also shares the impact that taking a content trip from Toronto to Los Angeles had on his motivation, saying that the Wonderful people I met down there had the same drive, even if they were still trying to grow, and everyone inspired me and showed me where I wanted to be someday.”

To that end, Max is constantly working to improve his craft. He hopes to run a media company that does not veer away from any type of content one day, and would also love to find other young talented, like-minded people and grow a thriving community with them. Max also aspires to make another feature film in the next few years and become a name brand in the industry, inspiring others to chase their dreams, whatever they may be.

Speaking of new endeavors, Max recently launched his podcast, The Brightside, where he talks with all sorts of people from the digital creators’ space. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the industry as Max shares his experiences and wisdom with his guests. On top of that, his movie, No Levels, will be released on Amazon Prime Video in early 2023. Starring Max Stoton, Ethan Maynard, and Josh Notaro, it is the perfect showcase for Max’s talent as a producer, director, writer, and star.

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