From Handmade Jewelry to 6-Figure Sales: Mary Buchanan’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Most people associate entrepreneurship with challenges. However, a few individuals fight their way past the obstacles. The story of Mary Buchanan depicts a woman with zeal, patience, persistence, and a genuine entrepreneurial spirit. From scratch, Mary has built a 6-figure empire from an initial handmade jewelry venture.

Mary Buchanan is a true inspiration for anyone who dreams of being a successful entrepreneur. She is a mom of three, a teacher/dean, and a serial entrepreneur. Mary’s journey began in 2017 when she began making handmade jewelry as a hobby. She quickly fell in love with the art of retail and decided to partner with a jewelry direct sales company named Paparazzi Accessories. This decision was a game-changer for her as she could generate extra income from home without leaving her children for additional hours.

She hosted live-selling shows on Facebook, which allowed her to earn hundreds of dollars per hour. Mary became super motivated to explore more aspects of retail after generating an additional $5,000 in one month selling jewelry from her living room. She launched her online fashion boutique, Austin Angels Boutique, which featured affordable and trendy clothing, handbags, and accessories, in no time. In her first month of launching, Mary earned six figures, and more recently, she earned $30,000 in one month alone.

Her success in retail inspired her to create a business mentoring community, The Business Beehive, which now has over 150 members. The members aim to work together to elevate their brands and businesses. In addition, Mary also sells digital products like vendor lists and pre-made content bundles. Also, she works closely with a dozen entrepreneurs weekly to teach them how to use programs for design, marketing, website development, vendor sourcing, business funding, and more.

Her accomplishments include receiving recognition for retail sales at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and generating six figures over the last five years. She had also helped several entrepreneurs launch their boutiques from the ground up for free before she launched The Business Beehive.

Despite her success, Mary faced several challenges along the way. One of her biggest challenges was balancing family, work, business, and time for herself. To overcome this, she created a schedule and prioritized income-producing activities. “People can learn to be disciplined and resilient,” she notes. She also stopped posting on Instagram and focused on promoting her business on Facebook, which saved her a lot of time. Besides social media, Mary focuses on the community and making real connections for her business.

Mary aims to continue expanding her retail companies and mentoring community, directly changing and impacting lives. Mary believes in building generational wealth by successfully having multiple streams of income. She encourages other entrepreneurs to have several sales funnels, including ones outside of social media.

Mary’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and persistence. She has accomplished all of this without spending money on ads or having a massive following, and she has also inspired her three daughters to become entrepreneurs. Mary Buchanan is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to succeed in entrepreneurship. For additional information on Mary Buchanan, text the keyword JOIN to 844-423-1724 or visit her website and facebook.

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