Meet Arnold Adel, Who Through His Creativity, “Reinvents” the Digital World

Arnold Adel, the founder and CEO of REINVENTED, is not your average entrepreneur. A multi-talented and driven individual, Adel was always resourceful and used his talents and gifts to their fullest potential and for the greater good. In his teens and early twenties, he ventured into different industries, such as retail and e-commerce, entertainment/music, and engineering/consulting, applying the skills he learned in the medical field and related disciplines. He has since opened several businesses of his own that have branched out into numerous cross-functional components.

One of Arnold’s most successful ventures is a starting an independent record label and a digital media agency that serves businesses, brands, and artists but in particular DJs and other artists in the music and entertainment industry. His agency offers web development, videography/cinematography, business/brand development, artist & repertoire (A&R), professional consultation, event planning/promotion, music production/audio engineering, and ownership of digital media assets/protecting intellectual property rights. 

Arnold saw a need for a retail space that focused on small, independent artists, and he filled that need. He worked closely with his customers to understand their needs and desires and created a space that was welcoming, supportive, and correctly identified target audiences and key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to help scale his client’s companies and brands to the next level while taking advantage of AI and automation tools, technology, and software.

In addition to his retail business, Arnold also ventured into the world of e-commerce, providing consulting services to corporate clients and venues and even organizing music festivals. He has a talent for understanding his clients’ needs and delivering a product or service that exceeds their expectations.

“Working with venues and music festivals across the country convinced me that traveling is what I wanted to end up doing for the rest of my life,” Arnold explains. “The more obstacles and closed doors I encountered, the more I was able to figure out what wasn’t for me—and that my friend, is one step closer to getting what you DO want. Along the way, you share your journey with your fellow friends, family, and colleagues and the best way of doing that is through an audiovisual storytelling component. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what’s a video worth?”

Hailing from the Philippines, Arnold’s journey began in the US at a young age when his parents immigrated to the country in search of a better life for their family. Like many immigrants, they worked hard to make a living in a new country and instilled those values in their children. Arnold’s father was a self-taught go-getter who worked as a technical consultant for Microsoft before the dot-com bubble burst.

With each new project, the family moved to a different state, giving Arnold a diverse background he used to his advantage. Despite being a rebellious child who would do anything to avoid being boxed in, Arnold’s love for technology and computer science was evident from an early age. His ingenuity, curiosity, and his father’s influence played a vital role in his success. Adel’s unique background and ability to adapt to new environments gave him an edge in the tech industry, making him a true trailblazer in his field.

With a background in biomedical engineering and working with implantable medical devices, Adel’s expertise has been sought after by many companies. He has worked with Silicon Valley and Atlanta Metropolis startups, where his creative problem-solving was instrumental in helping these companies achieve success, global touring music festivals, record labels, retail chains, restaurants, nightclubs, consumer brands, other fellow agencies, and even real estate. His ability to think outside the box made him a valuable asset to these companies, helping them see the digital world in a new light, and he wishes to bring this to scale and take his company global touring the world and bringing his own God-given talents and abilities and of his network to the precipice.

Arnold Adel’s success story is not just for his benefit but also for the benefit of others. His story is a reminder that success is not always about how much money you make or how many accolades you receive. Instead, it’s about finding happiness, personal fulfillment, and meaningful relationships.

“The best way to the top is by helping others make it to the top with you,” Adel explains his mantra. “The goal of REINVENTED is not just to better ourselves but to elevate those around us.” To learn more about REINVENTED and Adel, visit

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