Turning Up the Heat: Max Calcaterra Is Bringing European Relaxation to the States 

Relaxation isn’t just a way to de-stress your mind and body, it also helps you deal with everyday challenges, stress, and workload. Relaxation has always been a cornerstone of European lifestyle, but unfortunately in America it’s rare to prioritize relaxation over work. Max Calcaterra, a young American entrepreneur, is closing the gap here by simplifying the concept of relaxation with his brand Nordic Ways Boutique. Nordic Ways is offering personalized steam rooms at the most affordable rates to help Americans start relaxing and sweating into a healthier lifestyle. 

It all started with Max’s love for the Euro lifestyle and the way they consider relaxation as a way of life. Five years ago, Max was leading a successful Biotech startup in San Diego. Despite contributing immensely to the growth of the company, he never felt satisfied. Max was always burned out at the end of the day and struggled to attain a healthy work-life balance. To pursue an international entrepreneurial career, Max decided to relocate to his dream city Amsterdam while staying connected to his roots in America. 

This was easier said than done, as Max’s original application to an Entrepreneurship Master’s Program at the University of Amsterdam was denied. However, Max refused to give up and continued demonstrating his entrepreneurial prowess with the university authorities until he was finally accepted for the program. On the day he was notified of this decision, Max was pen-to-paper on a lease for a new apartment in San Diego and had only 24 hours to decide his career path between the two countries. Thankfully, Max chose to jump into the unknown and move to the Netherlands, and he now believes that was the best decision of his life. 

As Max seamlessly blended into European culture, he learned about one of the most popular relaxation techniques in Europe, saunas. In Northern Europe, saunas have been revered since ancient times and are still widely used today. For instance, in Finland, there are over 3 million saunas for a population of about only 5 million people. In America, Max discovered people aren’t sweating enough, and certainly not sweating enough for the life-changing benefits that saunas offer. “The key to activating the life-changing cardiovascular and heart health benefits of saunas is to use one for at least 40-50 cumulative minutes per week”, Calcaterra states. “Our product allows anyone to achieve this and get a Nordic-quality sweat at a moment’s notice”. Moreover, adding steam to the heat brings a whole additional set of benefits, such as de-stressing relaxation, mood enhancement, soothing achy muscles and joints, increasing circulation, cleansing clogged pores, post-workout recovery, and more. During his stay in Europe, Max would go to the sauna every day, which is when the business concept behind Nordic Ways Boutique was formed. 

With Nordic Ways, Max was able to introduce an in-house affordable steam spa with a quick set up that can fit in any American’s home. Spreading the word about this sacred European relaxation ritual while explaining the benefits and function of the steam sauna was a huge challenge. For most Americans, using a sauna everyday is an unknown concept, and Nordic Ways aims to provide an affordable full-body sauna option that all Americans can enjoy. It’s also

portable, so the sauna can easily be stored under a bed or in a small closet when the in-laws are coming over. 

Starting with $50K in capital, Max managed to scale his brand, earning more than $250K during the first year. As a solo venture, Max bootstrapped Nordic Ways alone. From logistics, warehousing, to managing the company from another contentintent, Max has taken on and overcame every challenge thrown his way. Things certainly aren’t always easy, and at times stressful, but thankfully Max happens to know a lot about Europe’s best kept relaxation secret. 

Currently, Nordic Ways is offering the premier quality steam sauna with free 2-3 day shipping throughout the U.S. When asked why this is a game-changer for sauna lovers in the U.S., “No more having to share the unsanitary gym sauna with naked strangers, or having to bring a change of clothes, towel, and toiletries to the gym just because you want to use the sauna”, Max adds. 

Max believes that Nordic Ways is on track to become a multi-million dollar company in the next couple of years. Through his brand, he will continue to educate people on the benefits of regular steam heat therapy and is also planning to expand the range of Nordic Ways with more amazing relaxation products launching this year.

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