Bringing an unconventional style, the luxury brand Nazarene Amictus CEO Prince Iheanyi Njemanze has captivated important personalities in the fashion and media industry for being alluring not only as a brand but as a personality with great style and an undeniably effortless fashion sense.

Born into a family of both influence and affluence, Prince Iheanyi who hails from the first class Royal Dynasty of the South-Eastern region of Nigeria discovered his love for fashion at an early age. “It is without a doubt that I am influenced by the exposure to noble life where impressionable appearance was imperative,” says the charming Prince. This could also suggest that fashion became an integral part of his early life especially having been raised by a grand father who was a dress maker and a mother that was celebrated as a woman of grandeur.

Prince Iheanyi explains that his understanding of fashion is an exceptional gift from God and his calling to fashion was inspired by many elements. “It is very much tailored to my faith as a believer of Jesus Christ and my interest in the ancient Roman clothing”, which of course was the regal fashion style, the power it commanded and how it has influenced generation after generation. Since then, I have passionately nurtured my desire of being an exemplary model by way of exemplary living especially to those that possess a God given talent to create. In his own words, “The beauty and the most interesting thing about being a fashion designer is how fast and beautiful fashion connects and unites everyone; every race, culture and religion.” It is one thing to be identified as a fashionista or a trend setter and another to use it as a tool to do good and inspire a whole generation of people who in truth understand the essence of fashion and the value placed on appearance.

As a professional with two college degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Law and Dispute Resolution from Kings College London, Prince Iheanyi forged a professional path in the public service as an impressionable person with an outstanding sense of fashion. In 2018, Prince Iheanyi founded the brand Nazarene Amictus which debuted at the Paris Fashion Week in 2019 with Fashion Week Studio at the Ritz Paris. Shortly after in November 2019, Nazarene Amictus gained their first international editorial feature with British Vogue and British GQ, thus presenting itself as a fashion brand based on ancient theme, innovation and biblical relevance with realism characteristics. Other top publications and fashion magazine features include Forbes, L’Officiel, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire, Flaunt, Moevir Paris, Daily Front Row etc. 

His great artistry landed him fashion privileges with celebrity stylist Tytryone and top celebrities wearing unique pieces by Nazarene Amictus such as Billy Porter, Davido, Crystal Waters, Simonetta Lein, Richard Mode Damijo, Dawn Richards, Grace Vanderwall, Christopher Rivas, Tracy Howard Jnr, Patoranking, Jody (High roller) Husky, Scar the Star, Bovi Ugboma, Busiswa Gqulu amongst many others etc.

Without a doubt, Nazarene Amictus has earned the cheer of New York fashion stylists, celebrities and media from their consecutive strong appearances at the New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Thailand Fashion Week and their collaborative projects with fashion showrooms such as The Confessional Showroom NYC owned by Johnny Cohen and Flying Solo NYC. Nazarene Amictus is trendy, smart, unique in style, exclusive and most of all exhumes a powerful aura when worn.

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